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Stale Tacos

As you may have noticed, the Tacos have gone stale of late.  I won’t make excuses as there are many reasons, but for now the whole thing is on hold.

If you want to find out whenever we get back to updating the best way would be to subscribe to the RSS feed.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time till we get back into the swing of it.

Until then, hasta la taco.

~So sayeth Lord Charles

Daily Taco: I Hate When That Happens

I realized that the last 3 posts have been black and white pictures… purely by accident.  Oh well.  Here’s today’s black and white picture… a prophylactic joke.

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Daily Taco: I Love What You Do For Me…

This one makes me laugh for a number of reasons… check it out and I’ll list them.

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Daily Taco: Going Green… And Gay!

Remember the old joke/pick-up line “save water, shower with a friend”?  No?  Good for you, its a terrible line.  Well back in the 50s (I assume all black and white ads must have originated in 1953) it was taken more seriously…

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Daily Taco: Election Issues

Today’s post is serious (not really).  There is a very important (not really) issue affecting our country.  An issue so pressing (not really) that it requires the immediate attention (not really) of our government (not really).  The presidential race could be determined by how the candidates respond to this matter of national security (not really).  Demand action (not really) before this epidemic affects you (it won’t).  And may god have mercy on us all… (not really).

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Daily Taco: The Return

See? Promised I’d be back! I’ve got a whole lineup ready to go!

Today’s is a good old fashion well meaning church sign… that ends up being an orgy of pornographic hilarity. Good times.

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